Study Information

You can participate if you are:

  • An adult (18 years or older) diagnosed with metastatic solid tumor cancer
    (some examples: lung, colon, stomach, pancreas, breast, prostate, liver, bladder)


  • Chinese American  or  Korean American  or  Vietnamese American (living in the U.S.)

You will receive a thank you payment for completing the study in $90 e-Gift Card to Amazon or Target.

After confirming that you meet the participation criteria above, we will work with you to complete 3 steps in about 1-2 weeks.


  • First, we’ll schedule a 10-15 minute call to ask you demographic questions such as your age and when you were diagnosed.

  • Then, in the following weeks, we’ll do a one-on-one phone/Zoom interview lasting about an hour. The interviewer will ask about how you have been facing cancer, and what would be most helpful people with metastatic cancer.

  • After the interview, we’ll ask you to complete a 30-minute survey* on the same day if possible. The survey will have questions about how you have been doing, what thoughts you have had, and how your quality of life has been.

* If you need someone to help you fill-out the survey, we can have a research assistant help you.

Interviews can be conducted in English, Korean, Mandarin/Cantonese or Vietnamese, at a convenient time via phone or Zoom video call online.

(After the resolution of COVID-19, if you prefer, it may be possible for the researcher to visit you at a location of your preference for in-person interviews.)

Questionnaires are also available in English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese or Vietnamese.

After you complete the study –

If you provide permission to contact your Primary/Main Caregiver

 a close family or friend who does most of the work to help with your daily living or medical care

 who also lives in the U.S.

we may ask them if they would like to participate in the study to share their thoughts as caregivers.

Anything you have shared with us is protected and will not be shared with your caregiver, and anything your caregiver shares with us will also be protected.

If your Primary/Main Caregiver participates, they will also do the 3 steps listed above and receive the same compensation for completing the study.

This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health-National Cancer Institute (K99CA246058) and also supported by the UCLA Institute for American CulturesAsian American Studies Center.

If you have any further inquiries, please use the contact details below.
📞  (213) 537-9209